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They make it hard, we make it easy. We’ll get you directly to where you need to be.

This directory and call connection service is provided by Call Directory Ltd and is in no way linked or affiliated with DHL Express The direct number can be found for free here
Calls cost £6.00 per call, plus your phone provider's access charge

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1111 222 3333

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8am - 8pm

How it works

mobile_friendly What is Directory Call?

Large businesses don’t like customers making telephone calls, so make it as difficult as possible on their website to hide away the contact telephone numbers and instead push you through to endless FAQ pages on their website. Phone Customer Service makes it easy. Just select the business that you want to be connected with, then, click the call now button and we will do the rest.

When you use our services, we confirm the price of the service to you on the call. In addition, we will also read out to you the direct contact number for the service that you call. We recommend having a pen and paper to hand so that you can write this number down and contact them directly if required. Following the call, if you called from a mobile, we will also send you a free text with the services direct telephone number on it.

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Phone Customer Service connects customers to a wide range of businesses, including; travel, delivery services, catalogue and online shopping, mobile phone providers and energy suppliers.

We save customers time and connect you quickly through to the business that you wish to speak with.

Our company is Call Directory Ltd, you can make any claim through our contact page